Deloitte Confirms Global Email Service Hacking, Might Compromised 5M Emails

In another cyber attack issue in the United States, popular audit, consulting, tax and advisory service provider Deloitte LLP revealed that there is a possible that some of its own blue-chips customers might be compromised after the security breach that affected five millions registered emails.

From the reported news, this recent cyber attack targeted data from America and due to the massive breach; it is possible for the hackers that they obtained the usernames, IP addresses, passwords, health data as well as business architectural diagrams, as detailed online.

This is again not good news for those affect people who are clients of Deloitte.

Based on the report of The Guardian, the company might had experienced the attack in the last quarter of 2016, although they only found out about it last Match. According to the resources who talked to The Guardian, the hacking group was able to intrude the global email service of Deloitte because it only require one password and no step two verification.

The 2-step verification is necessary to protect the administrator system always.

The company admitted that the hackers successfully attacked their administrator system and infected their internal platform for emailing service. On this matter, the popular UK-based auditing, consulting and advisory service provider is already reaching its affected clients through notification.

Deloitte likewise reported the problem to the government authorities and even obtained expert private assistance to help in reviewing its security system.

In line with this issue, a representative of the company revealed that there are only few customers or clients affected with the breach.

“The review has enabled us to understand what information was at risk and what the hacker actually did, and demonstrated that no disruption has occurred to client business, to Deloitte’s ability to continue to serve clients, or to consumers,” said the representative as quoted by Reuters online.


The company however admitted that the data breach is an embarrassment to them because they provide advice to their clients on how to deal with cyber attack and yet they became a victim of hackers. Deloitte is one of the biggest service providers for multinational and government agencies that need consultancy, auditing and tax advice, among other related services.

They are now trying to restore the normal function of their email system and the investigation is ongoing for the protection of their valued clients.

“Deloitte remains deeply committed to ensuring that its cyber security defenses are best in class, to investing heavily in protecting confidential information and to continually reviewing and enhancing cyber security,” the company continued it its statement.


Unfortunately, they do not have any lead yet on who are the hackers.

The company is making thorough review also to help them determine the exact hackers who are responsible in intruding their global email system. Likewise, the again want to assure that there are only a few clients who got affected with this latest cyber attack that compromised millions of emails.

Deloitte also posted a statement through their official website to increase the awareness of their clients and explaining the cyber risk is not just about risking the affected data because it can ruin the business seriously.

Few weeks ago, Equifax experienced the same hacking issue and it compromised almost 143 million of personal data from US residents. They are still investigating this issue because they want to make sure they will identify the hackers and file the necessary charges.

This is the reason why the government needs to show more effort in finding the best solution to find and arrest those individuals who are responsible in doing such unlawful activities. It appears that different hacking groups are finding it easy to target their victims.