New Policy Changes Procedure to Request Public Records in Baldwin County

From the latest shared information online, there is a new policy when accessing public records as detailed by the Baldwin County Commission. However, this policy might complicate the usual procedure when getting records or information.

This may also have conflict to the opinions of the attorney general.

According from the report of, the Baldwin County Commission altered the existing guideline when accessing public records in the county. However, the new policy might trigger conflict than the usual process they utilize to access or get the records.

Based on the statement of the Alabama Public Records Law, it is the right of a citizen to evaluate and get public document copies, but this will be under certain conditions provided by the law.

On the other hand, the opinions of the attorney general include the possible required fees of the exact government agency to the citizens when they process and prepare the requested copies to retrieve data. The fees however are only minimal and reasonable to pay.

In line with this, the new policy might not only charge the citizens when getting the copies, but may need to spend for the attorney’s fee if the designated lawyer from the county will review a request to verify if the releasing of data is legitimate. The projected fee is about $225 (an hour) and with additional fee onwards the timeframe, the online report added.

The Baldwin County Commission already passed the policy on Tuesday.

From this new guideline also, a citizen may need to pay an advance deposit if the processing officer determines the request if more than an hour before it can process the request for the public record. In case it exceeds over 15 minutes, the staff may charge the person who is requesting with minimal amount only for the expected respond.

In practice, a citizen who requests for old data will need to prepare extra cash for the fees if the process takes much time.

The report added that both County Administrator Ron Cink and Commission Chairman Chris Elliot made the proposal as stated by Commission Charles Gruber. The exact objective of the new policy is to help the country recuperate from the expenses when they process and complete the requests for public records.