Dean’s Lister Arrested In Isabela In Suspected Credit Card Scam

A student, who happens to be a Dean’s Lister, was arrested in Isabela for being involved in a suspected credit card scam.

According to a report, the suspect was identified as Christian Salvador. Salvador, 23, is currently taking Computer Science. He was alleged to have established a fake bank website. Through this fake site, unsuspecting bank clients had their bank information stolen.

Salvador was apprehended in an apartment unit in Isabela by the authority of the Cybercrime Division of DOJ (Department of Justice) and NBI (National Bureau of Investigation). The arrest has been made based on the warrant issued by the Manila Regional Trial Court.

The report further stated that the arrest took place after the NBI obtained a complaint from one major banking company. The banking institution receives numerous complaints from clients and credit card holders whose account information was stolen from the fake bank website. The clients were being charged for a significant amount of money even though they have no idea that their credit cards were being used by the hackers.

Salvador confessed his involvement in the scam. He said allegations about him regarding the bank phishing page are all true, as well as stealing the personal information of the bank clients. Basically, the bank scam takes place after the suspect sells account information of the owners for P5,000. Moreover, there are cases where he takes advantage of the account information and buy items for his personal use.

The report confirmed that Salvador performs phishing and website penetration. Phishing is an illegal practice of sending emails claiming to be from legitimate companies to persuade  unsuspecting people to share their personal information like passwords and credit card numbers.

The authority has searched the suspect’s house and found a recently-purchased car. Salvador’s father works as a baker, while his mother is an OFW working in Lebanon as a domestic helper. The father was dismayed about his son’s “actions”. The suspect was then brought to Manila’s NBI office.

Salvador may be charged  for violating the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 or the Access Device Regulation Act of 1988. His laptop and PC were also seized to be subjected for further investigation.