PM Turnbull to Meet US President Trump, Settles Heated Phone Conversation 

Malcolm Turnbull revealed on Wednesday that he is planning to meet US President Donald Trump in the coming week at the Battle of the Coral Sea commemorations held in New York. Both individuals had a heated phone call few months ago regarding the refugee deal during the Obama administration.

Turnbull is the Prime Minister of Australia.

From the latest report, the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull said that he is planning to meet US President Donald Trump personally in this coming week at the Battle of the Coral Seal commemorations held in New York. Both of them are attending the event and might give them a chance to settle their past heated phone conversation, which involve the refugee deal.

He announced his plan after he met Defence Secretary James Mattis in Afghanistan and greeted the troops from Australia who are stationed in the Middle East. He visited them before Tuesday’s scheduled Veteran’s Day commemorations.

According from the information, his visit in New York is set on May 4.

The Australian PM likewise got the chance to meet US Vice President Mike Pence in Sydney, which somehow reduced the tension that started after the heated phone call last January 28.

The upcoming event in New York marks the 75h anniversary of the World War II naval battle. Turnbull and Trump will visit the USS Intrepid (floating museum) in New York. Both United States and Australia played a huge against the Japanese during the WWII at the Battle of the Coral back in 1942 before achieving freedom.

“Australia and the United States are enduring allies. Our alliance has been forged over many decades, through times of war and times of peace, securing our nations’ freedom and peace and security in the world,” said Turnbull as quoted by the news online.

He added that, “My meeting with President Trump will provide an opportunity to reaffirm our alliance and the United States’ engagement with the Asia-Pacific.”

Sean Spicer revealed that the leaders will be attending a bilateral meeting on May 4 at the Hudson River to visit the aircraft carrier. He told the media in Washington that US President Trump is looking forward to meet the Australian PM in person to highlight the friendship, continuing bonds and close alliance of both nations, as detailed by the news report.

Spicer is the current Press Secretary of the White House.

For John Berry, he believes that it is important for the Prime Minister to meet the US President in his earlier term as the head of the White House.

“Right now, Australia is side by side with the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria taking on ISIL (another acronym for ISIS) and terrorists,” said Berry to the Sky News television (he referred to the Islamic State movement).

“The president and vice president are now keenly aware just how deep and broad this relationship is,” he added.

John Berry is the President of the American Australian Association and the former Australian Ambassador to the United States.