DPA Alleges Microsoft for Unpermitted Use of Data from Widows 10 Users

Giant software company Microsoft seriously needs to explain its side after a privacy watchdog revealed that the company is using its gathered data from Windows 10 users.

Microsoft uses the data without the knowledge of the users, the watchdog said.

From the latest news report through Reuters, a Dutch privacy watchdog is alleging the giant software company of gathering data from its Windows 10 users and using them without any permission or consent. They recognized the watchdog as Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) and allegedly revealed that the company is not informing its users about such activity wherein it gather personal information when using the Internet.

Based on the statement of DPA, the unpermitted gathering of users data by Microsoft is a clear breach of Dutch data protection law on how it utilize the collected information from Windows 10 users.

From the shared report through zdnet.com, the watchdog said that the giant tech-company is not revealing to its Home as well as Pro users (Windows 10 Operating System) that it gathers their personal information. It does not also clearly explain the reason why.

DPA believe that the users will never agree to allow Microsoft to collect their personal data and use them for whatever purpose it has in mind.

From the explanation of the Dutch watchdog also, the gathered data include those when users access the apps and when browsing the Internet using Edge (its own web portal), when using the default settings.

“It turns out that Microsoft’s operating system follows about every step you take on your computer. That results in an intrusive profile of yourself,” Wilbert Tomesen stated who is the vice-chairman of the regulator. “What does that mean? Do people know about this, do they want this? Microsoft needs to give users a fair opportunity to decide about this themselves,” he continued as quoted by zdnet.com online.

The vice-chairman tells the company to allow its users made a decision on whether they permit personal data gathering or not.

The giant software maker likewise is encouraging the users through the system to enable the “full telemetry” setting and not the “basic” setting. However, this kind of encouragement will instantly transmit the usage and diagnostic information about the computer of the user to the company. The “Full Telemetry” will transmit the app usage data as well as histories of browsing through Edge.

From the statement of the watchdog as quoted through rt.com, it states that, “If a person does not actively change the default settings during installation, it does not mean he or she thereby gives consent for the use of his or her personal data.”

In line with this issue, Microsoft made a respond after learning about the statement and it said that the Windows 10 has actually new added privacy features. It explained that these features give the users the choices to decide on their own. Additionally, it said that it already issued its pointers in a released summary wherein it state that the allegation of DPA is not true and inaccurate.

From the shared news information through extremetech.com last June, it revealed that one of the biggest disagreement flashpoints when it introduced the Windows 10 OS is about the gathering of personal data from the users. Because of this matter, the French data privacy watchdog Commission Nationale de I’informatique et des Libertes (CNIL) already investigated about the practices of Microsoft in gathering data.

As a result, CNIL said that the giant tech-company violated the French law.

This particular data breach issue does not only involve a giant software maker company like Microsoft because few months ago, search engine giant Google likewise made an announcement that it ends its guideline in terms of targeted ads generation based on the keywords, which originate from the gmail account of the users.